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Well… I suppose this is it.  We’ve just finished our final exam with Chuck.  This has been a complete disaster of a week but I think I did fine on the exam.
This concludes my final class with Chuck Egerton and I feel kind of weird about the whole thing.  We’ve still got the group critique for the joint project today and one more class with James.  Then I’ll have something interesting to show.

And is today the 40th anniversary of the moon landing?  I heard it on NPR this morning and I’m not sure if I misheard it.


Last week, we went to the theatre here in Asheboro and James had some models arrive for some portfolio shots.  All in all, it was probably one of the more hectic shoots I’ve ever participated in.  I had a really neat shot lined up but it appears that my lighting was somewhat off, so this is the best of my usable shots.


I really loved the setup.  It sucks that so many of them turned out to have motion blur.  Oh well, you live you learn.

Canon 40D


1/15 of a second.

White lightning and natural light.

Our assignment for James yesterday was to find a picture of an ad and replicate it… in 5 hours.  I honestly think James has a career in reality television.  Something along the lines of “Dinner Impossible,” but instead of cooking for 150 people in a shopping mall, James would want you to shoot a rare albino chimpanzee riding on top of a gold-plated elephant.

Here is my final image.  Sadly, I do not have my tearsheet on my person.


Overall, I am dissatisfied with the image I produced here.  There were a lot of minor problems that could have been solved with a little more time or a chunk more money.  Frankly, I should have charged James triple what I did simply for the rush job that I accomplished.  I made the gross mistake of deciding to use canned pasta and meatballs to replicate a spill that was in the original ad but I completely forgot that pasta-in-a-can is orange and not spaghetti sauce colored.  It was disgusting.  I can’t believe I used to eat that stuff.

On the bright side, the photoshop wall didn’t turn out nearly as terrible as I feared it would.


1/50 of a second.

So, James gave us a group project involving a snack product.  My group selected Kashi Pumpkin Flax Spice bars (which are incredibly tasty so I had no issues with buying boxes of it).  I decided to shoot a high key photograph of the box with the bars shaping kind of a sun around it.  I’m much happier with the final than I thought I would be, considering James said absolutely no edits.



And here’s the setup!

Seriously a monster to shoot.

Seriously a monster to shoot.

Yay!  😉