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This shot actually came out nothing like I had originally designed.  I wanted to shoot lips with smoke escaping but couldn’t find anyone with really nice lips willing to let me photograph them.  Despondent (I really think people don’t use that word enough), I wandered around Walgreens with my better half while he randomly pointed out things that I should photograph.  Then he pointed out… well… here you go.

© 2008 Erin Holm

© 2008 Erin Holm


He's coming for you and your fancy camera

He's coming for you...

Canon 40D

ISO 400



Happy Halloween!


I decided to try something clean and uncomplicated for my fifth self-promo.  I felt sort of low on ideas so I decided to play around with some lipstick because it’s fun to play with and I needed a new color.  Shot at my apartment on my dining room table.

© 2008 Erin Holm

© 2008 Erin Holm

Here’s the setup!

My rig

My rig, yo.

Canon 40D

ISO 100


1/4 of a second

Our latest assignment (and I have gotten sort of behind in posting these) was to make a model portfolio package for a hypothetical client.  I actually lucked out in a big way when my coworker Amanda agreed to be my victim.  I suspect the grand total of time we shot was around 8 hours, not counting the retouch work but overall, I feel like I came out with some really great shots.

Here are some of them.



I did a bit of filtering on her skin in the above shot to forgive any minor flaws.



The positioning was a little tricky with that shot just because she had to be perfectly within the frame.

This dress is misleading

This dress is misleading

Yeah… ummm… I’m sure you can tell the background is really white.

This dress is fabulous

This dress is fabulous

Had to do a bit of post-production on most of these but for the most part, nothing big.  Didn’t get shots of the setups (my bad) but otherwise, I’m happy about this.

So… pretty much everyone I know is aware that I’m getting surgery soon… and that it was happening in lieu of my first internship.  My knee surgery (surgeries?) has finally been fully and officially scheduled.  My manager, Stephanie, has been ridiculously supportive (even though I’ll be out a chunk of Christmas) and has been more than ready to help me out.  Reed Group, the intermediary between my job at Cost Plus World Market Corporate and myself and my surgeon, has given me the go ahead, stating in a very quick, less-than-five-minute conversation that I fulfilled all the requirements for protected leave… I may even get some of my paycheck while I’m otherwise incapacitated.

I scheduled for October 24 so my mother would be home to help take care of me during my recovery and… well, now that it’s so close on the horizon, I really want to postpone it as much as possible.  I really wish I didn’t have to do this.  On October 24, I’m going under for the third time in my 25 years of life to treat a problem that will, in all actuality, probably never be fixed.

So this is my post at midnight on September 24.  I’m conflicted.