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Well… I suppose this is it.  We’ve just finished our final exam with Chuck.  This has been a complete disaster of a week but I think I did fine on the exam.
This concludes my final class with Chuck Egerton and I feel kind of weird about the whole thing.  We’ve still got the group critique for the joint project today and one more class with James.  Then I’ll have something interesting to show.

And is today the 40th anniversary of the moon landing?  I heard it on NPR this morning and I’m not sure if I misheard it.


Today, our final Chuck Egerton assignment will be turned in.  I’m feeling oddly nostalgic and quite strange.  Assignment 4 is to create an “iconic” image that represents our photography.  I’d been playing around with a business name that I actually kind of like and wanted to create an image based on that name.  So without furthur ado- my iconic image.


And finally, the business card.

Squared Business CardSince it is a composite shot (I was foolishly working with hot lights… never again) there is no static exposure value.  I still really love this shot.

Assignment 3 for Chuck’s commercial class was a bit of a doozy.  It’s an executive portrait… of Chuck.  Chuck, our instructor who grades everything we do. Chuck, the man, the myth, the legend.

So this is a photograph of my instructor, Chuck.  For the record, while he refused to sign a model release, he did give me verbal permission to put this up on my blog.  So he can’t sue me, right?

Here’s Chuck!

Look at him!  Loooooook!

Look at him! Loooooook!

Shot on a Mamiya 645 Af with a Leaf (Aptus Kit) attachment.

120mm lens

f/7.1 @1/125

*needs more cowbell*

AKA- Client 2

So Chuck gave us an assignment to shoot a book cover for a book detailing intolerance in America. I was thrown for several days because intolerance is such a vague subject. He gave us the chapter titles (with a short synopsis for each story) but I really felt that in order to do the book justice, I needed to read the stories for myself.

I checked online at and for availability and unfortunately could not find anything that was readily available. I checked the online catalog for the local libraries and also came up short. So outside of ordering the book on my own, which as a student I don’t really have the funding for, I was out of luck.

However, I knew one person had the book… my instructor, Chuck. After much harassment (and it was harassment… and I deeply appreciate Chuck for indulging me), Chuck agreed to photocopy select stories for me. I selected two stories, “A Rose for Charlie,” a story detailing the life and murder of a homosexual man living in a northern suburb, and “Nightriding with the Klan,” a story told from the perspective of a former Klan member convicted for murder.

I suppose my choice for which story I would choose came from several different factors. Firstly, I have spent a majority of my life raised in a very small southern town (that was actually labeled as one of the more prejudiced towns in the South following coverage after Hurricane Floyd) and the Klan, even though it is something I have never directly encountered as a white woman, has always been a very real entity that I knew polite people didn’t talk about. Secondly, while “A Rose for Charlie,” was my first inspiration for a photograph, the image I had in mind (which was a white rose on the water beneath a bridge) struck me as an image too beautiful and vague to be a selling point for a cover about intolerance.

Once I decided that beauty had no place on this cover, I decided to go with the Klan story. I felt the image had to be outrageous. It had to be offensive and it had to go a half-step too far. I feel on that principle, my image failed, I could have gone farther. But… well, let me just show you the image.

My submitted photograph for a hypothetical book cover.

My submitted photograph for a hypothetical book cover.

I decided to use chess pieces to pull the horror of the situation back a bit (plus, it would be really difficult to get this shot with people). Overall, I feel this image is a success. It didn’t go as far as I wanted and I still feel it is a bit too pretty… but that’s being a student for you. You can’t always nail it perfectly.

As for the setup, the chess pieces are cheapy (Rob spray-painted the pieces with a white and black matte-coat spraypaint) and the chess board that came with it was actually red and beige instead of black and white so after much teeth-gnashing, I found the right sized black-and-white checkerboard cloth at my local Hobby Lobby.

My setup

My setup

aperture: f/29

shutter: 1/10 of a second

ISO: 800

For a small success, I was actually pretty satisfied with self-promo 2.  After wracking my brain for days, searching for an idea that wasn’t absolutely cliche and ridiculous, inspiration hit me… well, pretty randomly.  It just sort of popped into my head (I think) and I thought, “Man, it would be really awesome if I could shoot that right.”  I’ve always had an interest in medicine so it was a topic that I could really run with.

After Chuck’s approval, I went to Walmart and for a mere $35 worth I purchased over 1000 generic over-the-counter pills.  After some odd looks from other students, I set up on plexiglass, gelled a 750 with a deep blue and shot these.

The shot that I submitted for my assignment

The shot that I submitted for my assignment

ISO: 100

Aperture: f/10

Shutter: 1/5

A cropped alternate image

A cropped alternate image

The exposure is identical to the submitted shot.  This is the setup.

I heart plexiglass.

I heart plexiglass.

And, once again, because I can’t setup a shot in the studio without goofing off, here’s another little ditty I dreamed up.


I can't think of a cutesy title for this one.

Later!  😉

Coming soon… Updates on Little Jimmy!

So, this was for all intents and purposes a good excuse to go wild with whatever crazy ideas run through my head (which are many and frequent).  Oddly, I had so much fun shooting the eggs for the breakfast assignment, I decided that there wouldn’t be any harm in trying to shoot hard-boiled eggs again.

Sadly, the night I went to shoot this, I had the model ready.  I had the eggs in hand and the time to boil them.  Then I walked to the kitchen and learned that the stove had been turned off.  So instead of having a nice, safe hard-boiled egg to work with I was stuck with a raw egg… which totally compromised the original idea of the shot (namely, having Amanda take a big bite out of a hard boiled egg still in the shell.)

So here we go.

Super happy egg time!

Super happy egg time!

In the end, I’ve got mixed feelings about the shot and will definitely redo it.  The lighting consisted of a hot light at 5:00 and a fill card at 8:00.  Pretty minimal lighting.  I didn’t even think about taking a picture of it until everything was torn down.

ISO: 400

Shutter: 1/200

Aperture: f/5.6

So, we got an assignment to shoot breakfast.  I was entirely at a loss as to exactly what to shoot until I unpacked these new egg cups at my other job.  For 99 cents, I consider it a wise investment.  I decided to go with something sort of Spartan, eggs and toast.  But I remembered that I have a penchant for monochrome and decided to amplify the simplicity of the meal with extremely loud colors.

My setup for Client 1

My setup for Client 1


1/2 second exposure with a speedotron (I didn’t have a safety sync so I was popping the flash manually)

Some of the more refined work-

The layout for the final

The layout for the final

And just because I can’t do anything without playing around for at least 5 frames, I present to you-

I honestly can't pinpoint exactly what motivated this.

I honestly can't pinpoint what motivated this