Yeah… I don’t have the instructions to make these delicious almond-butter and macadamia nut cookies because Rob’s method of cooking is essentially finding a recipe, studying it carefully and then completely ignoring it and doing whatever he wants.  So I’m going to try and wing it based on what I remember.

Alright… so we’ve got some macadamia nuts… some salt and some baking powder, vanilla extract, butter, cane sugar, whole wheat pastry flour, some different cane sugar, and some almond butter.  I’m pretty sure that’s everything that’s up there.

nuts!Okay… chop the nuts.

mortar pestleSince cane sugar is so huge, we had to take it to a mortar pestle to get it down to a usable size.

sifting looks coolMix the wet ingredients (es) and then sift the flour on top.

doughAfter you mix it together, it’ll look like this.  Mixing takes a while.

cookiesheetForm the dough into little balls and put ’em on a cookie sheet.

cross-hatchUse a fork and do this thing with them… I’m pretty sure Rob called it cross-hatching.

Cookies!Bake for a pre-determined amount of time and then you’ll have cookies!  Yay for cookies!


So, I’ve learned that I completely screwed this one up.  Go me!  I’ll definitely have to revisit this and actually do the assignment as James intended… not as I misheard.

Here’s a composite shot of the library at RCC.  This was a ton of shots that were merged together in photoshop.


That weird little bird sculpture was such a pain in the butt.

I’ve just found some of my Ian in a bearsuit photos.  Captured on my Mamiya pro tl, this was probably one of the more demented projects I undertook.  As soon as I can pull them off of my hard drive (my cord is being kind of a pain right now) I’ve got to get them up here.

UPDATE!  Here they are!

Bears for Gore!


I find it amazing how much better I’ve gotten at photography since this project.  I’m definitely going to have to continue in it.

Well, seeing as how I accidently uploaded this title and is now unavailable for usage by the rest of the world, I suppose I should make some good use of it.


No holy rubbish allowed.

Yeah, I didn’t take the photo… I needed a good laugh and always provides.  I will have to get some pictures from stuff I find at the Super G in Greensboro.  I love that place.

Our assignment for James yesterday was to find a picture of an ad and replicate it… in 5 hours.  I honestly think James has a career in reality television.  Something along the lines of “Dinner Impossible,” but instead of cooking for 150 people in a shopping mall, James would want you to shoot a rare albino chimpanzee riding on top of a gold-plated elephant.

Here is my final image.  Sadly, I do not have my tearsheet on my person.


Overall, I am dissatisfied with the image I produced here.  There were a lot of minor problems that could have been solved with a little more time or a chunk more money.  Frankly, I should have charged James triple what I did simply for the rush job that I accomplished.  I made the gross mistake of deciding to use canned pasta and meatballs to replicate a spill that was in the original ad but I completely forgot that pasta-in-a-can is orange and not spaghetti sauce colored.  It was disgusting.  I can’t believe I used to eat that stuff.

On the bright side, the photoshop wall didn’t turn out nearly as terrible as I feared it would.


1/50 of a second.

Wow, I totally didn’t realize how long it had been since I blogged.  Here’s a tasty picture of dessert to make up for it.

Chocolate Truffles

The ladies at Loco for Cocoa were some of the nicest ladies I have ever met.  I promised to get them a copy of the file but I think I’m going to actually print out a big one for them.


1/20 of a second.