Here’s a new thing I learned recently.  Super-quicky custom borders.

Both methods start the same.  You can take a new PS file (I used an 11×14 300 PPI because I don’t see a good reason to upsize any custom-made PS files; I would much rather downsize).  Create a new layer.

How you proceed can go one of two ways.  You can take the lasso tool and scribble a haphazard rectangular area, select the area and fill it in with black.  The alternative is filling the entire canvas with black and taking a specific clear stenciled brush to the edge.

Whatever area ends up in black will be where the photograph shows through, so take care to have a useful shape.

The clear brush (or blank area) is the key to this working.  If you end up with a black and white palette, it won’t work.

Drag the new layer onto whichever photo you desire the border.  Adjust the size of the actual border layer to fit on top of the desired photograph.  After the retrofitting, move the base layer above the new layer.  If the base layer is the background layer, either convert it into a movable layer or drag the background onto the “New Layer” icon to turn it into a new, alterable layer (this is an option I consider infinitely more desirable than altering the background layer) and place that new layer above the border layer.

Move your cursor between the two layers, and press option+mouse to apply the border layer to the base image as a layer mask.  If it doesn’t work, make sure your border layers are black and clear… not black and white- which will result in no change.

Images to come!